This page has student-written descriptions of the courses taught in the department, and some courses taught in other departments as well. These are not intended to be reviews of the course or the professor, but a course’s inclusion here indicates that at least one student thought it was worthwhile.

CEE 6603 : Traffic Engineering

This course covers the foundations of traffic operations beyond what an introduction to transportation course teaches. It covers topics such as how intersections are signalized, driver expectation, and the relationships between speed, flow, and density. This course answered many questions I had about transportation leaving undergrad. You have the freedom to explore a topic of your choosing for the final project. The labs are practical, done in teams out in the field, and build upon what’s learned in class. For example, we did a pedestrian study, turn counts, and an analysis of a high-crash site for potential countermeasures. -Donny Katz

CEE 6624 : Transportation & Land Use

This course is jointly taught within the Planning department by Brian Stone.  This class examines such as concepts as the origins of suburbs, monocentric and polycentric cities, the transportation planning process, transportation’s interaction with energy and air quality, and ways to improve cities by making them more walkable, cleaner, and efficient from a transportation perspective by improving their land use.  There are two exams, two papers, and a small presentation in this class. -Phil Cherry

Public Policy 6014 : Organizational Theory

Taught by John Walsh. This is aimed at someone more interested in policy and the structure, theory, and history behind organizations, their goals, and what bonds their members together. There are 3 papers in this class and quite a bit of reading, but it definitely provides a different perspective on large organizations (ex: transportation agencies, corporations, municipalities, etc) than is provided in most engineering curricula. -Phil Cherry

CSE 8803 – Computational Problem Solving

I’ve learned all kinds of algorithms, how to program in C, how to program more efficiently, and the basics of parallel computing. It’s a lot of work, but in the end I think it has been the best and most useful class I’ve taken! -Josie Kressner

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