President: Abraham Pizano (

About: Abraham Pizano is a 4th-year civil engineering undergraduate student from Atlanta, Georgia. He has always been interested in transportation, especially in traffic engineering. Abraham’s interests include traffic signals, traffic simulation, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles. He has been interning with Atlas Technical Consultants as a Traffic Engineering Intern and has also done research with Dr. Michael Hunter on traffic simulation. He has also been involved with ASCE with the Temporary Traffic Control competition and Tutoring Academic Support (TAS) as a Learning Assistant (LA), LA Mentor, and tutor. Outside of school, Abraham enjoys collecting license plates and building LEGOs.

Secretary: Praful Patil (

About: Praful is a second-year master’s student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, specializing in Computational Science & Engineering with a focus on Transportation Systems. He is currently working as a graduate research assistant under Dr. Adjo-Amekudzi Kennedy on a captivating project that intersects transportation resilience, vulnerability, accessibility, and social equity, aiming to contribute solutions that enhance transportation system robustness while addressing critical issues of equity and accessibility in mobility. Professionally, Praful is captivated by advanced traffic management systems, artificial intelligence, and integrated corridor management. Beyond academic pursuits, Praful enjoys exploring new places, indulging in reading, and playing cricket during leisure time.

Treasurer: Jeremiah LaDuca (


Social Outreach: Garyoung Lee (

About: Garyoung is currently a third-year PhD student in civil engineering, after completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees at Seoul National University in South Korea. Under the specific focus on traffic flow, she is interested in behaviors of self-driving and electric vehicles, the Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram, and traffic criticality. She is a travel, coffee, and small-ball sports aficionado. 🏓🎾🎳⛳️

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