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These are transportation-related scholarships and fellowship opportunities that our student members may qualify for, as well as current ITE members who have been awarded one of these scholarships. This list is by no means complete. If you are aware of other opportunities (or unrecognized winners), please contact us so we can keep this up-to-date. We will be announcing programs on the blog as we hear about them.


Annual CGTrader Scholarship Submission deadline - January 15, 2018 CGTrader is the largest 3D model marketplace backed by the strong designer community of more than 1mln members. CGTrader was founded with the goal to ensure fair marketplace conditions for 3D designers. Each semester CGTrader challenges students to dig into the field of technology writing an essay on how innovative technologies are transforming our lives. Enter the CGTrader Scholarship 2017 challenge to win $3,000 for your education bills. The best submission will be awarded $2,000 while the two runners-up will receive $500 each. Write and submit an original essay on the topic “Using games for social good and playful learning”. For requirement and further details check the original link.

Ada I. Pressman Memorial Scholarship

Annual award from the Society of Women Engineers.
  • 2011- Josie Kressner

Transit Hall of Fame

Nine $2500 awards from the American Public Transit Foundation. Requires sponsorship by an APTA member, like a transit agency or some larger consulting firms. Due date in June
  • 2011- Joel Anders, Greg Macfarlane

Jim McGee Memorial Scholarship

$1500 award is given each summer to a highway engineering student in Georgia by the Georgia chapter of the American Society of Highway Engineers.
  • 2011- Phil Cherry, Greg Macfarlane

GDOT Scholarship

  • 2011- Margaret Carragher, Donald Katz

Georgia Section of ITE Scholarship

  • 2011- Amanda Wall, David Duarte
  • 2010- Stephanie Box, Chris Rome, Adam Rosbury, Susan Hotle
  • 2009- Brent Weigel, Donald Katz

CGTrader Essay Contests

Due March 1, 2017. Enter to win $1,000 for your education bills. All you have to do is write and submit an original essay on the topic “The future of virtual reality: on the footsteps of changing the world or on the brink of failure?” Follow this link for more information:


National Science Foundation Graduate Research

Three-year all-inclusive award for doctoral students. Deadline in mid-November.
  • 2011- Jacob Tzegaegbe, Aaron Greenwood
  • 2010- Josie Kressner, Susan Hotle
  • 2009- Donald Katz, Brittany Luken, Brent Weigel, J.P. O'Har
  • 2008- Stacey Mumbower

Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation

Three levels- $1500 TRB travel stipends, $11,500 grants, and multi-year fellowships from the U.S. Department of Transportation, administered by the Federal Highways Administration. Deadline in January.
  • 2011- Tom Wall and Greg Macfarlane (full); Josie Kressner, Brittany Luken, J.P. O'Har, and Brent Weigel (grant), Aaron Greenwood and Susan Hotle (travel).
  • 2010- Elise Barrella (full); Josie Kressner and Tom Wall (grant).
  • 2009- Stacey Mumbower (grant); Elise Barrella, Dwayne Henclewood, Donald Katz, and Brent Weigel (travel).

Eno Transportation Leadership Conference

One week national leadership development conference sponsored by the Eno Transportation Foundation. Meet with national leaders in transportation policy, including staff from the White House, Congress, and the U.S. Department of Transportation.
  • 2012- Greg Macfarlane and Josie Kressner
  • 2011- Donald Katz, Elise Barella, and Brittany Luken
  • 2010- Brent Weigel and Mary Kaiser
  • 2009- Stacey Mumbower

Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program

10-week science policy fellowship program with the National Academies. Students receive a small stipend to cover their cost of living, get exposed to science policy making in Washington, and have the opportunity to make a substantive contribution to projects under way. It is also an invaluable networking opportunity for policy-oriented students interested in possibly working in Washington.
  • 2011- J.P. O'Har

Airport Cooperative Research Program

Annual program awarding $10,000 for research into airport-related questions. Georgia Tech has had extraordinary success with this fellowship over the last few years.
  • 2011- Donald Katz
  • 2010- Josie Kressner
  • 2009- Brittany Luken
  • 2008- Stacey Mumbower

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