A LaTeX template for TRB

It’s that time again, to begin preparing papers for the TRB annual meeting. Most of you know that I have little love for Microsoft Office, but TRB has essentially required that I use it when preparing manuscripts. Well, not anymore.

A Google search for “latex trb” turns up lots of articles about people putting latex aggregate into high performance concrete. But the top of the list pointed me to David Pritchard’s website, where he had written a LaTeX template and BibTeX definitions file. I took his impressive work, tweaked it, and made some of the features automated (like that pesky word count on the title page).

The final document is TRBLaTeX.pdf This is by no means perfect, but it’s as good as most of the Word files that I’ve seen.

To make this document, you will need to install LaTeX and R on your system. You will also need the template .rnw file, BibTex definitions file, and the bibliography, which can be downloaded in a .zip file here.

Make the documents with the commands below.

Or, if you have GNU make installed, with this makefile and the command

13 thoughts on “A LaTeX template for TRB”

  1. Many thanks. I just wanted to give some tips for the ones that are not getting it right.
    I’m running Ubuntu 10.10 32 bits and for it to work I had to change the makefie to execute:

    R CMD Sweave instead of R64 CMD SWEAVE

    and before, of course, I had to search for “R CRAN” in Synaptic and install the base components.

    1. Oh, I forgot! I had also to run R in the command line and then install the “evd” package:


      before the “make all” could run smooth.

  2. It doesn’t work on my machine. I keep getting the error
    ! Undefined control sequence.
    l.1 \Sconcordance

    1. The \Sconcondordance command you have is one that I have never seen before. At what step does it crash? Did Sweave add this command? or is it in your document?

      1. I didn’t modify any of your files. After I ran

        it created three files:

        Then when I ran

        I got that error.

      2. Please delete my comments above. It turned out the \Sconcordance thing was added by RStudio automatically. Sorry!

        1. I’m actually going to keep your comments because I think other people may have the same issue. No shame in mistakes while learning.

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